We provide full service public relations support. Sophie and her team have experience managing careers, hosting events and generating media globally. SAPR is a boutique public relations and communications firm in Canada with over 20 years of experience. We assist our clients with brand innovation, public relations, internal communications, media training, strategic plans and more. We have experience in fashion, entertainment, the beauty industry and our team also has unique knowledge and expertise with the growing CBD industry and with its unique challenges and guiding legislations.

Sophie Armstrong, has worked in the fashion, music and entertainment industry as an entertainer, artist, artist coach, speaker for the past twenty years. Sophie is an award recipient of the Global Television’s Women of Vision Award, The Women of Inspiration Awards, Arts & Culture Award and is a member of the Canadian Public Relations Society.


In a world that is fast paced, brands often need to constantly innovate their offerings and communications strategies to ensure that they stay ahead, anticipate customer needs and maintain relevance. Helping you to set your brand intention is something we love doing! Long term marketing strategies, articulating and incorporating new ideas and sharing them in innovative ways are our areas of expertise. What will improve sales and earnings? What will keep your brand on top and customers engaged? We will assist you in discovering ways to get your brand to the next level, and to build your reputation and brand trust in line with your own authentic style and vision.


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The use of language to convey your brand is crucial. The right language can convey who you are and communicate your brand style. Together with the right videos and images, crafting the words that create impact is a unique skill and is extremely important in defining your purpose and appealing to the right audiences. The language used reveals your brand tone, brand culture and brand DNA. We can assist with press releases, speech writing, advertorial, biographies, advisories and key messages.

There are pros and cons to both earned and paid media in terms of the control you have over your brand message, and the cost. Every campaign is unique and will be tailored to assist you in reaching your goals.

Nurturing key audiences that are crucial to your success takes time and effort and is crucial to creating long lasting relationships and reputation. Hosting events, workshops, partnering and cross promoting with other companies or organizations and participating in industry events are just a few of the tactics we use to engage your key audiences and generate social and traditional media. We can assist you with concept development, key messages, choosing the relevant audiences and contract negotiation for your event.

Whether you are a seasoned speaker or require some assistance in preparing to share your story with the world, participating and speaking at industry events is a great way to leverage positive public relations for your business. We can assist with media training to prepare you for interviews and speaking engagements, consult on the right engagements for you and broker those contracts.

Partnering with other brands and organizations is a fantastic way to develop your profile, gain a wider audience and build brand awareness and community presence. Choosing the right partnerships for your brand is crucial for your reputation development. We will consult with you on opportunities that align with your brand and broker those relationships.

Public relations has grown into many new platforms beyond the traditional PR model, and content can be created and shared by anyone at a rapid pace. The ability to generate positive feedback from multiple levels of media and social media is essential to business growth. We create customized plans that reach chosen key audiences and drives results. In the past, a large focus of PR was on campaigns that drive mainstream media to you. Now, with so many options available, we can employ both traditional public relations, online campaigns, influencer collaborations, event driven partnerships and relationship building events. It all depends on you and your goals.

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