Many artists that I teach, work with and coach, have many similar issues. Media training is often recommended, and beyond that, stage skills, relationship management, confidence and how to prepare for stage, camera and wherever you are representing your brand. Aside from studying music, I trained in marketing, communications, television presenting, media skills, on camera and stage acting, stage craft, dance and theatre skills and I have condensed all my knowledge into one online program: Master Your Audience.

🌟 It’s all about getting in front of the right crowd and nailing every aspect of your performance, on stage and in business. From perfecting your stage presence to mastering your message across all platforms, I’ve distilled years of experience in music, theatre, media, and PR into the ultimate course: 

Master Your Audience. 🚀  Learn more here.

Whether you’re a budding musician or a seasoned CEO who needs to speak to the media or speak at events, this online program is your ticket to:

🌟 Polished Performances, 
🌟 Confident Media Appearances, 
🌟 Spot on Branding. 

Say goodbye to stage fright and hello to standing ovations! Ready to take the spotlight?  Enroll now.


Sophie has worked in the fashion, music and entertainment industry as an entertainer, artist, artist coach, speaker for the past twenty years. Sophie has, time and time again, launched events, festivals and her own career in multiple countries and achieved her own media for much of her career.  With a certificate in television presenting & autocue from TV Pro Casting Sydney Australia (1999) and acting for camera skills Levels 1-4 from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) Australia, (1997),  Sophie enjoys media training her clients and also has a certificate in Public Relations and Communication Management Extension Certificate, Mount Royal University Canada (2023). Sophie is an award recipient of the Global Television’s Women of Vision Award, The Women of Inspiration Awards, Arts & Culture Award and is a member of the Canadian Public Relations Society.  


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